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"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." - John Keller

Abstract Horizon

In the nation of Vietnam, older gentlemen have a very unique hobby of raising pet birds. They belong to a 'bird club' where they all bring their caged birds to a coffee shop every morning. The cages are hung here and there while the gentlemen enjoy their daily coffee as they socialize with each other. While the men are visiting, the birds, in their respective cages, interact with one another in their unique song. Each bird returns home having learned new songs from other birds. 

This is what Kallah31 is all about. Our connection with one another as a group has served as a catalyst to share our stories. No longer alone in our cages, it has caused us to sing new songs, develop new ways of thinking and perceiving, and find new ways to love and serve ... with an ultimate goal of making our world better through wholeness, wellness and true identity.

Landscape with Animals

Kallah 31 Collaborative Book

From Broken to Wild & Free




We are a group of women dedicated to making our world better. We are intentional in serving those in undesirable circumstances, whatever those circumstances may be, and are committed to bringing hope and encouragement in however way we are called. Continually evolving, expanding and growing, our aim is to serve more effectively. We do this with much thought and intentionality through missions, outreaches, and hosting conferences. 

Mountain Lake

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