These are some organizations and individuals we partner with in our mission.

Janet Hyun

Janet Hyun is one of the leading artists of the prophetic art movement and has an insatiable desire to see this generation impacted for the Kingdom of God.
Her works are well recognized both in the United States and abroad and have been displayed worldwide.

Spirit-Centered Business

We believe you were designed to walk out your destiny through your business.  
We’re here to help. 

Spark Worldwide

Together, we can be the SPARK that brings help to hurting, hungry and 

hopeless children around the world.

Those who have joined in the mission have discovered that together 

we can Serve. Protect. And. Raise. Kids around the world.

Cindy McGill

Cindy travels internationally, teaching on how to effectively engage the world we now live in with relevant language, understanding and a nonjudgmental approach to seekers everywhere. God has given her strategies on how to communicate Jesus to a world who doesn't know Him, His attributes and His heart for them. 

Bo Kim Speaks

As a speaker, coach and mentor, Bo’s delightful style and inspiring message transforms lives across the United States and other countries.  Her story of overcoming cultural adversities ignites hope and determination to live victoriously through God’s unending grace and love.